How to advertise ?

Whether you are a large organisation, small business or a startup, we offer our portal  boosting your reach and connecting you with customers and buyers for your products and services. We have various banners ads to be displayed on our webportal. For small medium organisations we have Classifieds section.

Our Advertisement Rates & Features

  1. TOP Static Banner on all pages : Rs.12,000/- (Duration 2 Months)
  2. Middle Rotating Banner on Home page : Rs.6,000/- (Duration 2 Months)
  3. Side Rotating Banner on Home page : Rs.7,500/- (Duration 2 Months)
  4. Side Rotating Banner on Inner pages : Rs.5,000/- (Duration 2 Months)
  5. Classifieds Listing :Rs.4,000/- (Duration 2 Months)

Advertisement material should be provided in soft copy in JPG,PNG Format.

Size of Banners in Pixels

Top banner size : Width-834px, Height-126px

Sidebar Banner Size : Width-461px, Height-353px

Middle Banner Size : Width-970px, Height-120px

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